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Category: TR6

TR6 Exhaust

Finally got the exhaust of the TR6 fixed. A bit of a hassle it was, as the corrosion had rusted a hole in around one of the rear mounts. The whole rear section had to be cut off, done a week or so ago by Gordon, and then over the […]

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Just back from my parents with Charlotte. We managed to fit the radiator to the TR6 now, and it successfully retains all the water loaded into it. So far so good. Also went over the parts required to refit the steering column, which should allow us some further progress in […]

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The TR6 radiator came back from the repair shop with a fixed core. A lovely £25 to fix it. Much better than the £150 for a brand new one. Now, I just need to find the right bushes for the steering column.

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One of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time. The advance base is almost up and running, but we’ve fighting with the new vlans and the voip system for the past few days. After 3 days of what seemed like getting nowhere, the system all magically sprung into […]

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Since I sold the BMW the other week, I’ve started to focus on working on the TR6. Over the past few days, I’ve fitted the new radiator hoses, removed and cleaned both rear drums (after a lot of fighting with a crowbar), replaced the rear brake shoes, and removed the […]

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