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Enabling always-on Octoprint on the Pi 3

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 in an Argon One case on my 3D printer, that I use solely for the purpose of running Octoprint. Occasionally, the Pi has the power cut to it. Whether it’s down to my own negligence, or the frequent power cuts inherit with living in […]

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My Journey from Kodi on x64 to LibreElec on a Pi4

My home setup is a little different from most, but still a supported solution. It involves a central MySQL server on the main household server, media also stored on that server and accessed via NFS, and media playback via Kodi on generic x86/x64 hardware that mounts the above NFS shares […]

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Compiling Marlin Firmware for the Ender 5 Pro v4.2.2 board, with BLTouch

This is a rough document on how to compile Marlin 2.0.9 for the Ender 5 Pro, using the BLTouch bed levelling sensor plugged into the BL_T port of the v4.2.2 motherboard. Be aware that the v4.2.7 motherboard uses different motor drivers and could be quite different from the v4.2.2 described […]

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A better light sensor

For a while now I’ve been relying on my outdoor Aqara motion sensor to additionally report light levels. However, whilst it has coped with the outside Scottish weather admirably for two winters now, it is very slow to report changes in luminosity when there is no motion to trigger it, […]

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Hacking the Owsoo Starry Light

The Owsoo ‘Smart wi-fi ceiling light’ is indeed wireless, but sadly it uses the Unisoc RDA5981 System On A Chip. To my knowledge this chip has not been compromised yet, nor does it have any form of homebrew friendly firmware available for it, like ESPHome or Tasmota. This means that […]

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