More Land Rover Stuff

Work continues on the Land Rover, and it’s mostly road legal now. More than it’s ever been in the past 3 years 🙂

Things now fitted include… Windscreen seal
Front lighting grills
Radiator grill
Reversing switch and lamp
New floor
New seats
Replaced foglight wiring and switching
New dashboard switches
Extra windscreen to roof seal
27A Rear accessories electrical supply
Repaired offside rear hub
New hub bolts and gaskets
Battery clamps
Forward fuse box and circuit
New gearbox frame and lever
Fuel cap

It’s pretty much good to go for an MOT. It just needs grease and oil in the right places. I don’t know if I’ll manage to get it ready before I go on holiday, but it would be nice. On the other hand, it would be preferable to get things like the door trims, lighting, radio gear and computer installed before an MOT. Just get it all done before the big day really.>

2009 Todo

Spurred on by mrben and Elwell, my ambitions for this year include…

* Finish rebuilding the Land Rover

* Finish restoring the TR6

* Sort out the MythTV situation in the living room (lack of acceleration on the TV-Out port)

* Flesh out Asterisk to do more than just make and take calls, such as DND messages, engaged messages, presence alerts, etc

* Set things in motion to build a house in the countryside

* Be more focused on relevant projects

* Expand amateur radio skills and experience

I’ll add more as I think of them 🙂

Egroupware and SyncML fix

Recently I acquired a HTC Touch HD, and in order to connect it to my eGroupWare installation, I purchased the Synthesis SyncML client to do the necessary translation. Now, Charlotte’s SonyEricsson has a built in SyncML client (which I’ll be playing with when back in the UK), but Microsoft didn’t see fit to provide SyncML capability on Windows Mobile 6.1. Anyway, life goes on.

Synthesis has trouble passing telephone numbers onto eGroupWare. I think eGW is at fault for this, so I’ve filed a bug. In the meantime, I’ve attached a small patch file that maps the Synthesis fields to what I think are the correect Vcal fields. Just apply it to /addressbook/inc/ and things should start working. If they don’t… you know where to edit 🙂 And before anyone complains, I am neither a PHP programmer or an experienced patcher. This is pretty much my first patch file…

<                         ‘TEL;CELL;VOICE;X-Synthesis-Ref1’ => array(‘tel_cell_private’), // Private cell
<                         ‘TEL;HOME;VOICE;X-Synthesis-Ref1’ => array(‘tel_home’), // Home telephone
<                         ‘TEL;WORK;VOICE;X-Synthesis-Ref1’ => array(‘tel_work’), // Work telephone


It seems unreal, but today is the tenth birthday of All those years ago, thinking I was crazy and it was a passing fad. My grandpa paid for the first two years subscription, and here we are today.

I think now is a good time for cake.