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Fortrans Words of Wisdom

<fortran-away> in life, you should forever strive to not appear like a twonkle, and if you are doubtful if something you will say could be twonkle-ish then you say it in private

<bigkevmcd> just look at the way fortran’s -away
<fortran-away> it’s so I can lurk and strike at any point without warning

<fortran> wait a wee minute here, you mean all the stupid things I’ve said are kept somewhere?

<fortran> free speech is awful, you just get morons saying whatever they feel like

<fortran> I was going to write snide and uninformed remarks to the mailing list last night but then I realised that… something good was on telly

<fortran> the only thing mystic about the east is how many times you need to visit the toilet after eating a meal

<fortran> sjmurdoch: she is 13 and quite happy ๐Ÿ™‚

<fortran> you are all picking on me, I’m going to tell Tony

<fortran> I would say something here, but I know bagpuss_thecat would just quote it out of context

<bagpuss_thecat> ach well, that’s what tow ropes are for
<fortran> you can’t tow it, I left it in gear
<fortran> no, wait

<fortran77> I may not know much, but I’m not totally stupid
<tam> lol
<bagpuss_thecat> you sure?
<fortran77> yes
<fortran77> no, wait, no
<fortran77> damnit, yes!

<fortran77> I just type random things into an xterm, and sometimes stuff happens

<fortran> my office now stinks of tuna and lager-induced farts

<bigkevmcd> <- don’t have the sound up too loud…
<fortran> pah, shockwave my arse
<sjmurdoch> fortran: That sounds like a quotable quote to me ๐Ÿ™‚
<fortran> bah

<fortran> excellent! a fight with lots of personal insults! can I join in?

<fortran77> I’ll retort now, markmm, thinker
<fortran77> markmm, thinker: you’re both twonkles
<thinker> had to split a fscking atom first, did you
<fortran77> don’t type at me in that tone of voice
* thinker/#scotlug couldn’t type in a more condescending manner.
<fortran77> haha, you twonkle, you can’t even improve on imperfection

<fortran77> I have an annoucement to make
<fortran77> pay attention, people
<fortran77> thinker is a twonkle!

< fortran77> davilion: how do I make it bigger?
< fortran77> oh err, don’t quote that out of context

< fortran77> I typed random stuff, my screen went blank
< fortran77> when it came back, it’s asking for a password for bagpuss_thecat’s computer

< fortran77> get used to it, the wee gimp does it to me all the time

< bagpuss_thecat> fortran77: you go get ‘im boy!
< fortran77> oi! sladen! you’re a grade A twonkle!

< fortran77> sladen: your snide little twonklish retort in brackets is nothing compared to my insults!
< sladen> oh aye, and why is this not called weggielug?
< fortran77> because you’re not usually here, twonkle-boy

< fortran77> ok, ok, 125… and you can spit

< fortran77> tam: you’re just jealous because of my proportions… and, slightly scared

< fortran77> well, I’m guessing getting aroused by matrix inversion isn’t normal
< fortran77> shit, did I just say that?

< -!- Netsplit over, joins: fortran77
< fortran77> I was left all alone on that other server with pinkmarshmallows…
< fortran77> <fortran77> woohoo! only you and me left, baby!
< fortran77> <carolyne_> ahhh right, I’ll be off then …
< fortran77> <– carolyne_ has quit (“Client Exiting”)

< Heero-Yuy> hamster2 is best
< fortran77> the stuff you say resembles pee in so many ways
< fortran77> not least that it spews forth from a knob

< fortran77> does anyone know the idiot who broke the bank of scotland’s internet banking service?
< fortran77> I’d like to kill him and kill him and kill him, until he dies from it

< fortran90> pinkj: I like you, you’re funny, I think I’m still going to rip the pish out you at some point though
< pinkj> lol
< pinkj> aye you probably will
< pinkj> but you sound as if you got that out of a game of doom or quake 3 or something
< pinkj> bye bye

< fortran77> I wonder if anyone can help me… I, err, deleted all theร‚ย  files in /dev by accident