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AC 3000ME

The AC is the first built in Scotland after the move from Thames Ditton. It is chassis number 185, and the first of 30 to be built in Hillington, Scotland, out of a total of around 130 worldwide. Bought in 1985 by my dad from its first owner, it was kept in the Motoring Heritage Trust Museum for many years until their unfortunate closure in July 2007.

Since the closure of the museum, #185 has spent some time in Bishopton Hiring & Garage to get spruced up for an MOT. On the agenda was a rebuilt aluminium fuel tank, replacement gear linkage pins, and a lot of TLC. In order to assist the garage with their work, I scanned and duplicated the manual so they wouldn’t have to worry about keeping the original clean and tidy. As a service to others, I’ve put the manual online in PDF and JPG format to assist anyone else that may need it.

Manual in PDF format Manual in PDF format

Manual in JPG format Manual in JPG format

The AC at Ingleston

6 thoughts on “AC 3000ME”

  1. Hello, I’ve had this site bookmarked for several months so thought it was about time I got around to sending a note. I used to own a Red AC3000ME which I had for 15yrs, I remember calling at your parents home one evening much to their surprise in I think 1985 or 86 (they thought I was nicking their AC) at Drymen whilst attending the Doune Classic weekend and spent a couple of hours with them drinking Drambuie, I visited again the following year at I think Gartocharn to where they had moved (I remember the lovely staircase) but thereafter lost contact with them (their AC seemed to have dissapeared as the ACOC couldn’t tell me where it or they had gone). Although I have their names still written down somewhere, I think your dad’s name is Robert or Richie but can’t remember yours mothers name, Please say hello to them for me & a Merry Xmas to all. Robert G Russell.
  2. Hi

    I’ve got a Scottish ME and the same colour too, chasis number 196, just a quck question if I may; my gear box is awful and can’t decide if I should have it rebuilt or try and fit another engine gearbox unit in it (keeping all the original bits so it can all be swapped back if wanted). So the question is do you find the gear change good, bad or indiferent .. It’s hard to get an ubbiased view as too many owners say ok when I’m sure they really mean it’s not very good at all.

    Many thanks and congratulations on the car , looks excellent!


  3. I meant to reply to this 4 years ago! Many thanks for the kind words, and at the time I certainly passed on your comments to them. My parents (Ronnie and Eilean) are doing well, and remember the visit well 🙂 They send their regards
  4. I appreciate this reply is a bit late!

    The gearchange is very notchy and a bit sticky when cold, but afterwards, when it’s all warmed up it’s quite reasonable. From what I’ve been told by my dad, it was never designed to be a slick change. It has Hewland straight cut gears in it (hence the whine), and needs a firm shove to get around the gears.

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