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Category: Things that annoy Kyle

2010 SpamAssassin bug

If you run SpamAssassin, you may be pleased to encounter this bug about now – Because nobody ever thought the year 2010 would happen :-/ There’s some more details on the rule, and more importantly how to disable it, over here

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USB Problems

I have a minor issue that I’d like to get resolved. I have a cheap but very good USB GPS receiver. However, it uses a weird USB connector and the cable for said connector has developed a fault (at the strain relief point, amusingly). Can anyone advise on the type […]

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Hard Choice

A few weeks ago I thought I would take the plunge, and installed KDE 4.1 on my Kubuntu 8.4 laptop. With the recent announcement of Intrepid being launched, I upgraded to Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE4 as the default environment. I figured that I should get an early look at the […]

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Dear Beagle

bagpuss@mine:~/.beagle $ du -sh 8.1G . bagpuss@mine:~/.beagle $ du -sh Log/ 8.0G Log/ bagpuss@mine:~/.beagle $ cd; rm -rf ~/.beagle/ bagpuss@mine:~ $ What have you got to say for yourself? Hmmm? This is on Ubuntu Hardy, which is supposed to be ‘stable’ software. Filling up ~ with your logs doesn’t instill […]

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Are we still terrorists?

It would appear so… To: CC:, Dear City of London Police, I see that we still have not had a response to this request for information. Please can you provide the answers that we seek, or suggest alternative routes to go down. If we are to be […]

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