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USB Problems

Micro-USB plugI have a minor issue that I’d like to get resolved. I have a cheap but very good USB GPS receiver. However, it uses a weird USB connector and the cable for said connector has developed a fault (at the strain relief point, amusingly). Can anyone advise on the type of connector it uses?

In the two lower photos the cable at the top left is the one I need a replacement of. The device at the bottom is the GPS receiver, and the cable at the top right is a normal mini-USB plug. The photo on the far right is a micro-USB connector, and it isn’t that either 🙂

The USB Cable problem The USB Cable problem

7 thoughts on “USB Problems”

  1. Too many pins for mini-B.

    Why not just do away with the silly proprietary connector and hardwire a cable on? Do you even need the USB bit if you’re connecting it to a microcontroller?

  2. mgdm gave the game away when he linked to It would seem to be a mini USB 4P variant. Same name, different form factor. Clever stuff… :-/

    A cable is only 3 quid on ebay, so I’ll head down that route. It’s to be connected to a computer by USB instead of a microcontroller, so I have to stick with having a plug on the other end. Hardwiring a cable onto it was going to be the last solution 🙂

  3. Well, it didn’t turn out to be a mini USB. The plug is about the same size as the socket, and slightly different inside. I’ve put up some pictures at – the new mini at the bottom, the original in the middle, and the board at the top.

    I downloaded the USB specifications from and discovered in Micro-USB_1_01.pdf that the micro-A plug is 6.85mm by 1.8mm, and the micro-B is 6.85mm by 1.8mm, with chamfered edges. This damned thing is 5mm by 3mm.

    I couldn’t find the designs specs for the mini-USB plugs, but from all the photos and the many that I have here, the mini-USB plugs are much larger, and all have chamfered edges.

    Sod it, I’ll just solder the cable on 🙁

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