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Category: Home Automation

MQTT Republishing Itch

So, I had an itch. A variety of data coming in from a variety of sources, all over different protocols and methods, with different names, heirarchies, and paths. For a while I’d been pushing the data into MySQL, but this seemed a bit of a hack, and it still didn’t […]

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Making XBMC work on Mint 12, with HDMI Audio Passthrough and LIRC

I’ve got a Dell Optiplex 755 hooked up to my Yamaha amp and surround system, and it was about time XBMC was installed on it. It uses a low profile Nvidia GeForce 8400GS for VDPAU acceleration and HDMI audio. These are some rough notes I took whilst setting it up. […]

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Upstart & pywws

Not content with some shonky bash script launched from rc.local, I had a quick look at Upstart. It’s a million times easier than I expected. Simply stick the following into /etc/init/pywws.conf and let upstart do the rest. If you want to start the app, just run service pywws start after […]

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Networking Serial Ports

i have a variety of gear that I attach to my server in order to monitor and control the home. As is the fashion these days, it’s a USB device that has a serial port on the end of it. However as the home control software runs on a virtual […]

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