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Networking Serial Ports

i have a variety of gear that I attach to my server in order to monitor and control the home. As is the fashion these days, it’s a USB device that has a serial port on the end of it.

However as the home control software runs on a virtual machine on the main server, the real hardware has to be pushed through to the virtual environment. Some/most virtualization platforms allow you to assign real ports to virtual ports, but running the lowly VMWare Server I had to come up with another solution. Also, pushing the link across the network is preferable as it means the hardware could also be located on a remote device like a Bifferboard, with all the important software still running on the server.

For this I used Socat from

I knocked together a small script that could be run on either the host or guest, and it would run the right commands depending on the hostname of the machine it was run on.

if [ `hostname` = “flat” ]; then
echo “This is flat – the host”
socat -v tcp-l:54321,reuseaddr,fork file:/dev/ttyS0,nonblock,waitlock=/var/run/ttyS0.lock &
elif [ `hostname` = “homeauto” ]; then
echo “This is homeauto – the guest”
socat -vvv pty,link=/tmp/vmodem0,waitslave tcp: &

After that, make it executable, stick it somewhere safe, and then call it from /etc/rc.local or wherever suits you.

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