R/C Helicopters

Following my recent attempts at maintaining stable flight with my wee remote controlled helicopter, it occurred to me that it would be significantly easier for a computer to fly it than a human A few minutes on Google returned the ChRoMicro – Cheap Robotic Microhelicopter HOWTO. A great site with information on how to have a robotic micro-helicopter for under 500 Euros. I’ve not quite got that cash to spare these days, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot when I do 🙂

Next model

After many unsuccessful, or just plain disastrous, flights of my new R/C Helicopter, I have finally decided that building, owning, or using a model aircraft will never be for me. I had a glider once, and it crashed spectacularly and often, always after launch, usually resulting in the central wing ribs shattering in many different and hard to fix ways. The R/C car that I have is fun, but noisy and prone to damage upon impact with, say, kerbs. Hence why I’m building a boat. The speed freak in me is still present though, and to satiate it’s inner desire, I’m going to order up the plans for an Ekranoplan. The bestest, geekiest, greatest boat of them all 🙂

Expanding table

The other day, Andrew told me about a really cool expanding table that could be made. After a bit of hunting, it’s finally been found here

Gordon Style

Previously thought lost to the ravages of time, the infamous Scotlug Video has been found! Comes complete with commentary from Edward, and the inimitable gordonjcp falling over the fence outside his flat 😀