IPXE and Coreboot Ramblings

This is more a collection of notes compiled from my command history. It hasn’t been repeated…

I have a motherboard that is Coreboot compatible. Coreboot comes with a basic payload that permits booting from local disks, but requires other payloads to be added if required – such as IPXE.

Need some info first, such as the NIC PCI ID

root@blackbird:~# lspci  | grep -i net
00:0a.0 Bridge: NVIDIA Corporation CK804 Ethernet Controller (rev a3)
root@blackbird:~# lspci -s 00:0a.0 -nnn
00:0a.0 Bridge [0680]: NVIDIA Corporation CK804 Ethernet Controller [10de:0057] (rev a3)

Get, configure and build IPXE.

git clone git://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git
cd ipxe/src/

Insert this into config/local/general.h – it defines what gets included into the ROM image, such as menu support, iscsi support, etc

#undef PXE_STACK               /* PXE stack in iPXE – you want this! */
#undef PXE_MENU                /* PXE menu booting */
#undef DOWNLOAD_PROTO_TFTP     /* Trivial File Transfer Protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_ISCSI     /* iSCSI protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_AOE       /* AoE protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_IB_SRP    /* Infiniband SCSI RDMA protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_FCP       /* Fibre Channel protocol */
#undef CRYPTO_80211_WEP        /* WEP encryption (deprecated and insecure!) */
#undef CRYPTO_80211_WPA        /* WPA Personal, authenticating with passphrase */
#undef CRYPTO_80211_WPA2       /* Add support for stronger WPA cryptography */
#undef IMAGE_NBI               /* NBI image support */
#undef IMAGE_ELF               /* ELF image support */
#undef IMAGE_MULTIBOOT         /* MultiBoot image support */
#undef IMAGE_PXE               /* PXE image support */
#define        IMAGE_SCRIPT            /* iPXE script image support */
#define        IMAGE_BZIMAGE           /* Linux bzImage image support */
#undef IMAGE_COMBOOT           /* SYSLINUX COMBOOT image support */
#undef IMAGE_EFI               /* EFI image support */
#undef IMAGE_SDI               /* SDI image support */
#undef NVO_CMD                 /* Non-volatile option storage commands */
#define CONFIG_CMD              /* Option configuration console */
#undef FCMGMT_CMD              /* Fibre Channel management commands */
#undef ROUTE_CMD               /* Routing table management commands */
#define IMAGE_CMD               /* Image management commands */
#define SANBOOT_CMD             /* SAN boot commands */
#define MENU_CMD                /* Menu commands */
#undef LOGIN_CMD               /* Login command */
#undef SYNC_CMD                /* Sync command */
#undef NSLOOKUP_CMD            /* DNS resolving command */
#undef TIME_CMD                /* Time commands */
#undef DIGEST_CMD              /* Image crypto digest commands */
#undef LOTEST_CMD              /* Loopback testing commands */
#undef VLAN_CMD                /* VLAN commands */
#undef PXE_CMD         /* PXE commands */
#undef REBOOT_CMD             /* Reboot command */
#undef IMAGE_TRUST_CMD /* Image trust management commands */

And the command that will be run at startup of ipxe should be inserted into shell.ipxe



chain –autofree http://core.vpn.glasgownet.com/menu.ipxe

Take the PCI ID, concatenate it as the ROM filename, and embed the script.

make -j3 bin/10de0057.rom EMBED=./shell.ipxe

Now the IPXE payload is ready.


For Coreboot,

git clone https://review.coreboot.org/coreboot
cd coreboot
git submodule update –init –checkout
make nconfig

In nconfig, select the appropriate board.

Save, exit.

Build the cross compilers

make crossgcc CPUS=4

Build the firmware


The coreboot firmware is saved as build/coreboot.rom, but needs the payload added.

./build/cbfstool ./build/coreboot.rom add -f ../ipxe/src/bin/10de0057.rom -n pci10de,0057.rom -t raw
./build/cbfstool ./build/coreboot.rom print

To remove the payload, in the event of wanting to add a new version

./build/cbfstool ./build/coreboot.rom remove -n pci10de,0057.rom

The coreboot.rom file is now ready to be copied to the target machine and flashed.

If a backup is required, use

flashrom -p internal -r backup.bin

To flash,

flashrom -p internal -w coreboot.rom

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