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Gitlab Setup and Timeouts

So I wanted a place to store all my private Git repositories, without going down the paid route that is Github. Callum had just set up Gitlab at work, so I thought it might be wise to just use the same toolset.

What with it being installed on a VM at home, it didn’t quite have the same power, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, after the install and configuration check, I was plagued with Nginx gateway timeouts, blank pages, and no immediately apparent error messages other than the Nginx ones – until I looked at unicorn.stderr.log. The Gitlab process was timing out – yet the configuration check said all was good. Database connectivity was there, as was networking, etc. What gives?

This post however, suggested another problem – Unicorn timeouts. The process isn’t being given long enough to initialise assets, and is timing out. Simply increasing the ‘timeout’ parameter in config/unicorn.rb, restart Gitlab, and give it a moment.

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