Firefox & Windows registry

It might sound silly, but would it not be possible for Firefox to support the reading of configuration files from the Windows registry. I understand that they want to keep their XML based config files in the application directory in order to retain cross-platform compatibility. If Firefox could read it’s settings from the registry on, for instance, its first execution of the session, and then write the data to its XML config files, then you would have a way of controlling Firefox settings through the Group Policy components of Windows Active Directory. You’d be retaining cross-platform compatibility, and gaining the fine grain control afforded by Active Directory without unsightly and ungainly login scripts for each user or computer group.
Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, or maybe I’m just dreaming. 🙂

Saturday fun

On Tuesday I got an email from Skip asking if I wanted to head along to the Ingliston single venue rally with him to do a rally event, since I had expressed an interest in rally before.
I jumped at the chance, and turned up at 8am to help set up. It was just Skip and I dealing with the start and finish timing systems, and the club guys were running it themselves. It all went pretty smoothly, and we got 700-odd cars through in the day. 10 stages and 70 entrants. It was really good, and I hope to do more of it.


Well, I was a bit of a muppet….
I was working on a remote machine that needed it’s mysql files. Much to my dismay, I was using lodge (this machine) as a reference, but got the two mixed up and purged the mysql files on this server. Even more annoying is the fact that this was the only part of lodge that I hadn’t backed up for some ridiculous reason 🙁
Suffice to say, I now have all the code to run my website, but absolutely zilch content. Time to start again 🙁