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Category: Internet

A Book Meme

Normally you’re supposed to tag the next people to carry on the meme, but in Flash’s instance, she didn’t. So here goes anyway… If the connection between devices A and B breaks, then the devices know about it immediately because there is two-way communication between them, and they have now […]

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Location Location Location

[ad] It’s time, and Ofcom are beginning to enforce the latest revision to General Condition 4, whereupon VoIP providers must, where technically feasible, provide location information for their VoIP users. In order to aid emergency services, they will transmit details of your fixed line location to the recipient when you […]

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100Mb/sec to 95.5% of the country?

As Steve points out, Ofcom have recently released their study on the potential future of the UK broadband network using the existing copper telephone network. There’s two main methods of DSL delivery to end users. One is to have the DSL modems hiding in the local exchange, and the other […]

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Isle of Man

It would appear that Google has decided that their map data for the Isle of Man isn’t good enough, and now allow everyone to edit it through their MapMaker system. Several things spring to mind… firstly that OpenStreetmap has great coverage of the island, and secondly, why doesn’t Google want […]

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Well, not quite. I just spotted that my favourite bit of work, Anderston was featured as an image of the week on the wiki. Admittedly it was in relation to OpenStreetbugs, but it’s a bug I filed as a reminder that’s the highlight. My claim to fame at last :-p

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