The BMW has moved on to pastures new. I sold it in July 2006, just before I started working for NES. I hadn’t used it for over a year, and it was needing some TLC. I had other priorities to work on, like the TR6 and the Land Rover. Farewell my old friend. The BMW was a great car, and I’m still sad to see it go.


Here’s the stuff I wrote about it when I had it and used it to work every day.

A white 1989 BMW 320i Touring. E30 body with M20 engine, and currently about 140,000 miles on the odometer. It’s been most of the way around Scotland, and involved in one head on crash (not my fault, but still annoying nonetheless) I try my best to look after it, and so far I’ve managed to replace (with the help of various people) some rocker arms and the spraybar, various bits of bodywork at the front, and some brakes discs :-p Not much compared to the work I’ve done on the Land Rover really :-)

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