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Category: Work

Accessing Novell Groupwise from Ubuntu, Mint, etc

We use Groupwise at work, and up until recently Groupwise support was available in Evolution. I don’t know why it was dropped, but it’s fairly easy to reinstate it again if you’re prepared to build from source. These are the steps I used to build it on two Linux Mint […]

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Automating HP Server Startup

It may not be much, but I stuck together a small article about how to remotely automate the startup of HP servers. We did this ages, and only now have I gotten around to tidying up the notes! Over here

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Upgrading Firefox with MSI packages

Post moved. I felt it was more suited as a page within the site rather than a mere blog entry. See here

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Changing OES DHCP Range

Recently we were in the unfortunate position of running out of IP address in our DHCP pool. The Novell DNS/DHCP Management Console will give you a handy utilization % for your subnet, but will not tell you how much of your allocatable pool is in use. As a result, machines […]

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Lost your APC UPS?

I was in a sticky situation this weekend. I had casually set up one of our APC UPS RT 5000 units to use DHCP to get a statically assigned address. However, I hadn’t implemented Option 43 on the DHCP server and the APC management card had fallen off the network. […]

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