PS3 and Matroska? Could be soon…

Word is that the Matroska container format will be officially supported by DivX 7. Surely a good thing, as Sony have a deal with Divx to provide decoding software for the PS3. Maybe this will spell the end of having to transcode those ubiquitous MKV files for use on a PS3. With a due date of around January 2009, how long before the PS3 officially supports the MKV format? After that… roll on 1440p support 🙂

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  1. True. I had been looking at transcoding from Mediatomb. One thing that put me off was the inability to pause, fast forward or rewind. Can’t remember where I read it, but I lost the will after that :-p

    Might just have to resume poking around at it…

  2. Found PS3 Media Server! Very easy transcoding server – pausing, ff etc. Fuppes doues all that anyway, but it’s a bit more hassle to setup

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