OWFS Server on The Raspberry Pi

Quick and simple this one is. I have a DS9490R (internally it’s a DS1490F) one-wire bus master attached to my Raspberry Pi. 4 DS18B20 temperature sensors are hanging off the bus, and I’d like to access them from the home automation server.

On the Raspberry Pi, or the server/device that’s hosting the 1-Wire bus:

apt-get install owserver ow-shell
modprobe ds1wm
echo “ds1wm” >> /etc/modules

Edit /etc/owfs.conf such that the following parameters are entered. I’d advise commenting out the rest (at least, the rest of the server: directives)

! server: server = localhost:4304
server: usb = all
server: w1
server: port =

Restart the 1-Wire server

/etc/init.d/owserver restart

All being well, the following command should output a listing of all the devices on the bus.

owdir -s localhost:4304 /

On the remote server, simply use the following command to read the data.

owread -s kitchenpi.vpn.glasgownet.com:4304 /28.DDBF1D030000/temperature

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  1. Nice guide! I am currently working on a project to use my raspberry pi as an thermostat so I can turn up the heating remotely. This would come in handy because I work different hours every day, so time-based is no option. Using this tip I can remotely watch my room temperature and then decide whether or not to turn on the heating! Thanks a lot!

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