Recently I bought two packs of 50 Smart RGB LED lights to play with whilst attached to one of my Jeenodes. Subsequent discovery of data by D has allowed me to get them up and running, and to learn more about bit shifting and clock rates.

To wire them up, first make sure you’re plugging the IN end into the Arduino or Jeenode. The SPI bus has a distinct IN and OUT feature, and won’t work otherwise. We found this out the hard way πŸ™‚

Next up, hook the red wire to +ve, yellow to MOSI, blue to Ground, and Green to SCK. I’ve found that the regulator on my JeeNode will drive up to 100 of these LEDs.

The library code that you’ll need can be found at, and an example by Xalior can be found at The FastSPI library will take care of disabling interrupts, so will be able to drive the lights at a rather phenomenal rate πŸ™‚